You're a Watt?!?

teehee energy joke ^^^

Chakras are the energy centers of our spiritual selves. They exist on the spiritual plane. Humans, despite popular belief, are amazing creatures of not only light and darkness, but also are incredibly special because they exist on both the terrestrial and spiritual planes. This puts us in a unique position to have autonomy over our livelihoods and our universal fate. And we could be like this guy:


As we have already discussed in our previous posts on energy, energy is in everything, but how is it that humans have the ability to manipulate our personal energy for manifestation? Chakras. There are 7 chakras, which we will detail below with their correspondences. Our chakras, being energy centers, are the points that affect our entire being from our auras and emotions to our physical bodily functions. In the more scientific world of things, Eileen Day McKusick has found a way to tune the electromagnetic field generated by chakras to balance them. Her research shows that tuning not only helps with emotional ailments but also physical ailments as well. The magickal world of chakras even reaches into the mundane whether mundanes are aware of it or not!