Witch Element?

As witches we often find ourselves at one with nature and all of its natural elements. It is what holds us to this earth and guides us through this life. The natural elements are Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. Each element has correspondences throughout the metaphysical that give them specific powers in our spell work and our lives. Have you ever noticed the sense of stability you have after a walk through the forest? Or perhaps you’ve noticed after a nice swim that your problems have flowed away? These are the elements at work. It is from these experiences, that we learn more about how to harness the powers of nature bestowed to us as human beings.


The earth is literally set in stone. It is immovable, unshakable, stable, and resilient. So, when you call this element to aid you in your spell work you will find these properties to be present.


Ways to Commune with Earth

Perhaps the most common way to channel the energy of the earth is through a practice known as grounding. It is where a witch pulls on energy from the earth to stabilize his or her personal energies through his or her chakras. By balancing these energy centers, you focus your spirit on channeling a specific manifestation for your spell.