"That Practice is a Closed Practice?!?"

Most commonly referred to as closed practices are smudging, hoodoo, and burjiara. For new witches, the term “closed practice” can be confusing as it is a very “in-the-know” term, which means you have to be familiar with it because no one is going to explain it to you (except us!).

Let’s Break Down “Practice”

A practice is a tradition, meaning a specific culture or group of affiliated witches have over time developed a common way of doing things in ritual or spell casting. Think Wicca as a more modern example. Another common example is Norse-Paganism.


“Closed” Does NOT Mean “No Entry”

From our own observations it is incredibly common to associate “closed” with “can’t ever”. This is technically incorrect. “Closed” basically means “entry with special permission or training only”.