Safety First!

Witches will often tell you how dangerous magick can be, but they always seem to fail to give you any sort of guidance on how to practice it safely. Luckily, we’re here to save the day!

Dangers of Witchcraft, Generally


So, we’ve all heard of “backfiring” but we may be a little lost as to exactly what that entails. Typically, a spell will backfire if your intention is mucked up. This can happen, because you’re doing a spell for one thing, but either want something else or do not truly believe you are deserving of it. For example, we see this all the time with new witches trying their hand at self-love spells. Hell, it happened to us when we did our first spell! What happens here is we want so desperately to be loved, but we believe in our heart of hearts that we aren’t worth loving. Therefore, how will a self-love spell manifest with a conflicting intention running around? It won’t. It could just blow up in your face.

In our experience, we became overzealously confident in our abilities and became manic. We weren’t able to think things through and got into some really nasty situations. Once we reversed the self-love spell, everything went back to normal. The point being here, is that if you don’t believe you actually deserve something or can manifest it, your spell will most definitely lead to some sort of backfire whether it be insane or miniscule. This is why in our class, we recommend learning the basics and completing the course before trying any sort of spellwork.