Introducing Kara!

Merry Meet everyone! I've been practicing the craft for a little over 12 years. Most of what I have learned have been though my grandparents. My great grandparents came here from Hungary during World War 2 to escape the Germans. They were practitioners of traditional Hungarian craft, which was encrypted with Christianity overtones to hide their craft. It's brilliant, honestly.

I am in possession of 3 generation Book of Shadows that my grandmother gifted me after she passed. On the other side of my family, (my father's side), I have deep ties to the Euchee and Niitsitapi tribes, alongside Mongolian and Swedish connections. My grandfather dedicated his time to building a family tree, which i am also in possession of and it spans back centuries. I'm honestly not sure how he was able to get so much information. As you can see, my ancestors are a huge part in my craft.

I like to call myself a scholar, as I am always learning something new. Labels aren't my Forte, and I simply like to call myself a practitioner of the truth. I hope you may find solace here and have the opportunity to enrich your mind's along the way.

Fair Winds