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We know not everyone can practice openly, so we are very committed to keeping this website secure. Only approved members can view who is a member of this site. All members are vetted by the team.

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Terms of Use

Users who create accounts do so at their own risk. Information is not intentionally shared, but we acknowledge that we may not have exclusive control and are not responsible for any violation of privacy.

Users who create and upload content do so at their own risk. Users may not share the paid information on this website with any person or entity. This includes anything that falls under the "Witchness Protection Program" and "Advanced Witches Online," but does not include the public blog information. Do not recreate any content from this website as it is all copyrighted information. Users may share with proper credit to the website. 

We exclusively own the content on this website: logo, design, trademarks, information, etc. Recreation violates the terms of use. We hold the right to mediate, arbitrate, or litigate any violations of our Terms of Use.

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