What is the

Witchness Protection Program

For the 5th semester in a row, on June 6, 2022, our site will be hosting a course for new witches on everything YOU need to know about the basics of witchcraft for ANY and EVERY path!

We are accepting enrollment for the Summer 2022 Program


How to Begin Your Journey

1. Make an account (upper righthand corner of this page)

2. Submit your $10 to paypal.me/witchnesprotection

3. Shoot as a message with your email you used to create the account and confirm that you have paid the fee via the "Members Chat" in the bottom right corner of this page

4. Allow a few business days to process

5. Receive your welcome email

6. Join the discord and in #welcome-everyone post "Newbie" and wait for your roll to be assigned.

7. Join our student's only Facebook group

8. Log into your account on the website, visit the Newbies forum, and review the introductory posts

We are an online course on the basics of witchcraft that has a super flexible schedule, making it perfect for us busy bodies! Every few days a new Topic will be released on the forum (no specific time). At which point, member newbies will be able to read and comment on the topic posted on their own time as long as they can complete the course by the end of the semester. The semester will begin January 10 and end at some point at the end of April or beginning of May. Then the exam (open note) will become available on google forms and newbies will have almost a month to complete it. Upon passing the exam, newbies will graduate to the spell casters group and have unlimited access to the newbies course materials and spell casting community.


We are here to guide and assist new witches on their journeys no matter what path they choose! It is our mission to give new witches the fundamentals they need to be successful spellcasters.


We aim to help aid the next generation of witches with their personal power and growth, so that witchcraft is an acceptable part of every day life.

Yoga Practice


7.1 What is Witchcraft?

7.2 What is Magick?

7.3 Witchcraft and Religion

7.4 Here’s What Being a Witch Really Means

7.5 Why Witchcraft is on the Rise

7.6 Information on Various Paths

7.7 What if You’re a Broom Closet Witch?

8.1 Introduction to Cleansing

8.2 Cleansing Methods

8.3 Cleansing and Purification Techniques

8.4 Smokeless Cleansing

9.1 Introduction to Grounding

9.2 A Place to Post Guided Meditations for Grounding That You’ve Found

10.1 Introduction to Closed Practices and Cultural Appropriation

11.1 An Introduction to the Rest of the Chakras

11.2 General Correspondences of Chakras

11.3 Full Guided Chakra Meditations

11.4 PROMPT: Daily Practice

11.5 Chakra Test

11.6 Chakra Correspondences

11.7 What’s Your Favorite Chakra

12.1 Mental Health and Witchcraft

13.1 Review on Centering and Grounding

14.1 Making Witchcraft a Daily Practice

15.1 Witch Meditation Tips

16.1 Introduction to Intention Setting

17.1 Introduction to Energy Sensing

17.2 Energy Sensing Exercise with the Elements

17.3 More on Energy Sensing

17.4 Energy Sensing Exercise for Your Spaces

18.1 Introduction to Energy Manipulation

18.2 Manipulating Elemental Energy

19.1 BOS and Grimoires

19.2 Grimoire Set Up Inspiration

20.1 Introduction to Altars

20.2 A Rundown of Various Witches Tools

21.1 Introduction to Circle Casting

21.2 Addition Circle Casting Resources

22.1 Introduction to Shadow Work

23.1 Spell Ingredients Generally

23.2 Introduction to Spell Timing

23.3 Introduction to Moon Water

23.4 Organization and Learning Tips

23.5 Introduction to Candle Magick

23.6 Introduction to the Zodiac

23.7 Introduction to Auras

23.8 A Short Review on Chakras and Auras

24.1 Exam