About the Witchness Protection Program

Founded in January 2021, the Witchness Protection Program serves to educate and inspire all walks of witches. Whether they be new, seasoned, or anything else. There is something here for everyone. The Witchness Protection Program started out as a blog and grew into a flexible online course on the basics of witchcraft. This year we are implementing Advanced Witches Online to continue the education of our graduate members.

Your Teachers

Green Leaf

Madeline has extensively studied multiple paths and has a passion for education and energy work. She started the Witchness Protection Program and has grown it into what it is today. You'll find her advice helpful and informative. She will also be the main face of the program, so don't hesitate to ask her any questions!


A practicing pagan and witch for 15 years, James has a wide pool of knowledge about various magickal practices. James specializes in crafting bindrunes, sigils, and spell crafting, as well as heavy energy work and Reiki. James is the main instructor in the Witchness Protection Advanced Witches Online program for graduates. Please feel free to reach out to him on discord or the forums with any questions or concerns.


Joseph has been a practicing witch for 23 years. He comes from a long line of practicing witches. He specializes in healing magic, shadow magic, exorcisms, combat magic, and stitching. If you have any question please feel free to ask.


Kara has been practicing extensively for the last 10 years, and has been studying the craft for over 12 years. She considers herself a scholar, as she always trying to get her hands on information to further her studies. Theology and philosophy are some of her favorite subjects. She follows very closely to the ties of her ancestry, which include Euchee and Niitsitapi, Swedish and Hungarian, and Mongolian. Most of her surviving generational information is shrouded in Christianity ideology to hide their craft. Kara specializes in Renaissance Occultism and work hand in hand with the forces of the ecosystem. The spirits of the land hold the utmost importance to her.


Olivia is our newest addition and we are so excited to have her. Her witchcraft practice is eclectic and she describes it as a "spiritual magpie." Despite her practice being strictly secular, she is deeply spiritual and believes that magick exists within and around us. When she is not witching she spends most of her time with her husband and two daughters, reading in her garden, enjoying a nice cup-o-joe, and stretching it out in yoga sessions!

Our Programs

Reading a Book

The Blog

This is a great place to brush up on the ins and outs of witchcraft!

It is completely free to join! Posts are posted on a semi-regular basis on various witchcraft topics

The Witchness Protection Program

Love and Learning

We started this abundant program in January 2021 on Facebook messenger with 20 students. We have had a lot of interest since then and have moved to our website to host our forum, discussion boards, and more! This program is led by Madeline and supported by the other teachers.


Advanced Witches Online

Our Newest Program

We are currently beta testing a live Question and Answer video consultation. Video Q & As will be hosted each month on more advanced topics led by our one and only James with support from the other teachers!

Additionally, we have added written lessons led by Olivia on advanced topics in conjunction with James' Q&A videos.